All You Need To Know About Gaming Monitor.

What is a gaming monitor?

A gaming monitor is basically a computer monitor constructed and designed for the use of video gaming. It is especially important to use a monitor that offers a fast refresh rate for gaming applications. The action on the display changes often and rapidly with the use of many video games. It means that, monitors with a fast refresh rate will be able to handle the quickly changing images without affecting it negatively in the game play.

While choosing a gaming monitor, it is acceptable to have either a CRT or LCD. CRT, that is, Cathode Ray Tube is an older display technology that features a deep and heavy monitor case. LCD, that is, Liquid Crystal Display, is a newer display technology that features thin and lightweight monitors. For a gaming monitor, most of the people prefer LCD, which offers vibrant and sharp images with large display size. Keep these things in your mind and you would have no trouble in finding the best gaming monitor under $100 for your own needs. There are a few basic specs to take care of, and rest of things would be fine to go.

An average refresh rate for a gaming monitor is 8 milliseconds (ms) or less. Finding one with a refresh rate of 4ms/2ms is even better. LCD monitors with slower refresh rates will be more susceptible to an effect called ghosting, where fast-moving objects on the display will appear to have a blurry shadow chasing them as they move across the screen. Ghosting effects only remain on the screen for a tiny fraction of a second, but they can be distracting, especially for someone playing a video game. CRT gaming monitors do not suffer from ghosting.

Another potential problem with choosing an LCD monitor is the angle of viewing. Some LCD monitors have a limited viewing angle, while others can be viewed from almost any angle. If a lot of people will be playing a game simultaneously, sitting at varying angles to the monitor, be certain the LCD monitor has a viewing angle as close to 180 degrees as possible. Most CRT monitors offer a naturally wide viewing angle. Finally, it’s worth noting that the images on LCD gaming monitors look best when they are used at the monitor’s native resolution. Each LCD monitor will have a resolution at which it performs best. When running at a resolution other than the native resolution, images on the LCD may lose some of their sharpness. Games that require a particular resolution might not look as good on certain LCD monitors. A CRT monitor does not require a native resolution.

Advantages of Gaming Monitor

  • Increased colour and black level

One of the most annoying things is sitting in the darkest corner of the room like a scumbag camper. Black equalizer effectively increases the brightness of all the dark areas without over exposing the light areas. Campers are no longer safe.

  • Reduced eye strain

In today’s world, who plays video games just for an hour? Technologies are rising which eliminates all brightness levels effectively which reduces the eye strain. Some of the model filters up to 70 percent of the blue light spectrum, which has been shown to be the main cause of eyestrain, headaches, sleeping disorders and much more. With this development in the technology especially low blue light technology, gamers can protect their eyes and enjoy longer gaming sessions.  

  • 144HZ refresh rate benefit

The refresh rate of a monitor determines that how many frames per second your monitor can display. If the monitor has 144HZ refresh rate then you will be able to use and see 144 frames per second which will not only provide you with smoother gameplay but also dramatically reduced motion blur. This feature allows mouse tracking, aiming and flick shots more easier since you have to work more with frames.

  • GTG response time (0.001 seconds)

Response time is often referred to as “input lag.” This means that how long it takes for an action from your mouse/keyboard/controller to display on the monitor. The lower the number, the faster the monitor can display your actions. It is vital to have a monitor that can keep up with your actions because every millisecond is being counted.

  • Advantage of display

An adjustable monitor stand with the ability to tilt and pivot and also allows you to align your eyes exactly how you want to be the monitor. We recommend aligning your eyes horizontally and vertically with the midpoint of the monitor, generally where the crosshair is placed. This way you can display your advantage by not only remaining ergonomic but strategically as well.


When it comes to gaming equipment, everyone knows that it is vital to have a high-performance computer, but the impact of a monitor is sometimes overlooked. A monitor constructed with special design and construction is liked and demanded more by the younger group who are keen to play video games with computer gaming system.

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