TP-Link Archer C7 – The Latest Generation of Wireless Router

We never love to have older version of anything. May it be a normal app or a car. We search for the new updates and changes. When a new smartphone is arrived to the market, we research and collect information about its new features rather than just colour or looks.

TP-Link Archer C7

The same trend is followed for wifi routers. Yes, it is true that we don’t change the wifi frequently but to increase the speed and enjoy the internet without buffering or waiting, we prefer the best and latest version of the wifi too.

One of the best and the latest version in the world of wifi router is the Archer C7. You can see many websites and blogs which provide you the TP-Link Archer C7 reviews which will help you to know in detail regarding its features and limitations. This also helps you to select wisely before purchasing the wifi router.



It is an 802.11ac wi-fi standard wireless router. 802.11ac is the fifth generation of wifi. It provides you with fastest data transmission compared to 802.11n. Most of the wifi routers, do not provide you with this facility. If you are not aware of this numbers, then don’t worry. Just understand that  AC is the latest and the fastest compared to others like N and G. If you are planning to have the best router under 100 dollars which is in your budget then ensure that it has 802.11 ac which is nothing but fastest version compared to all other wifi standards.

Two USB ports

The TP-Link Archer C7 has two USB ports which will help you to share your media and files as well as your printer locally with your networked devices or even you can share it remotely with the help of FTP server.

Guest network access

It is very common that whenever a guest appears at your house and comes to know that you have a wifi network at your house than they may ask you the password of the wifi to access. With the help of guest network access, you can provide a secured wifi access for them and very soon they also can access your wifi.

Speed and range

C7 routers hold the best position in this two department. It provides very high speed. According to many users, they have achieved speeds of around 50 mbps to over 100 mbps down. It shows that how fast it works. The range of the router depends upon the construct or infrastructure of the building. It also depends upon the position or place of the router where it has being kept. But according to many users, it has revealed that this router has a very good range even for big houses and at every single corners of the house.

Easy to setup

The most loved feature of majority users are it’s easy and quick setup. C7 is very easy to setup compared to other routers. It does not carry complex menu. Therefore, installation of this wireless wifi is just like plucking of a leaf from the plant. If you are a new person to use a router then don’t worry you can also setup the router very easily. You just need to follow the instruction chart or can even watch a tutorial of how to setup a wireless router.

Need to enter the MAC address

In C7, you need to enter the MAC address manually into the filtering page. In other routers, you just needed to select from the list of addresses which has been disallowed in this router. As it is not at all a big deal because you are only supposed to type this once you setup the router or during some occasional changes.

Security and parental controls

C7 uses the latest encryption standard, that is from WEP to WPA2 encryption that too with AES encryption. The C7 can also use DD-WRT open source firmware which helps to extend the performance and features. This may not seem as a unique feature to the average users but if you are a user who like to optimise your router to the fullest then it seems as the best feature for you.

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